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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Comunist Party of China in the US

It's not part of the reduction of the Communist Party, but it is a reduction of Party activity in the USA.

Why a Chinese Communist Party branch at the University of California, Davis, was disbanded
A group of visiting Chinese scholars in the United States have dissolved a Chinese Communist Party cell they set up at the University of California, Davis, citing fears about violating US laws.

The scholars – six party members and one probationary member – raised eyebrows over the weekend after they were reported to have founded a party branch at the university earlier this month…

“It is because we have later learned that this [establishing a party branch] does not comply with the local laws,” Mu Xingsen, secretary of the party branch, said. “Of course we should respect the local laws when we’re here.”…

The development at UC Davis comes as Beijing has made a more aggressive push for global “soft power” in recent years, ranging from promoting culture to exerting wider political influence abroad…

The branch, which planned to meet every two weeks, had tasked its members with promoting the organisation to their colleagues or neighbours who were coming to the US, it said, and to absorb party members into the organisation…

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