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Friday, November 10, 2017


Corruption is a factor in government and politics. Is it part of the curriculum? For China. For Iran. For Russia. For Mexico. For the UK. For Nigeria.

Nigerian president sacks senior official amid claims of corruption
Babachir Lawal
Nigeria’s highest ranking civil servant [Babachir Lawal] has been sacked by President Muhammadu Buhari following allegations that he diverted aid funds intended for the humanitarian crisis in the country’s north-east.

A preliminary report by the Nigerian senate alleged that funds intended to cover the cutting of weeds to prevent flooding in refugee camps and other vulnerable areas had been diverted through companies set up by Lawal…

Femi Adesina, the president’s spokesperson, said Lawal had been replaced following the internal investigation.

“Everything that the president ought to have done as regards the matter has been done already as per our statement,” said Adesina, who did not indicate whether Lawal would face criminal charges or whether the internal report would be released…

Lawal is the latest casualty of a sweeping anti-corruption campaign that critics in Nigeria claim is partisan…

Babachir Lawal declined to comment on the allegations.

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