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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nigeria isn't waiting for global warming

Regional warming is deadly in Nigeria and other central African nations. How can governments respond?

Nigeria suffers severe heatwave with no relief in sight
Nigeria has been in the grip of an intense heatwave over the past few weeks, with meteorologist saying there is no relief in sight until the seasonal rains set in next month.

The extreme heat has been in place since March, with the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) saying last week that the heatwave has been affecting most parts of the country, including coastal areas, with temperatures well above 35 degrees Celsius [95°F].

On Friday, the temperature touched 42.2C [107°F] in Minna, 120km northwest of Abuja. Meanwhile, Kano, 345km north of the capital, has notched up highs in excess of 40C [104°F] every day since the beginning of April.

As people struggle to cope, authorities have been issuing warnings about the dangers brought on by the excessive temperatures…

The severe heatwave is expected to continue until May when the seasonal rains are expected to spread north across the country.

Environmental experts have called on authorities to make long-term plans to slow down the effects of climate change by reducing carbon emission and impose bans on tree-cutting.

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