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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Economic policy 10

Today, we have another bit of Chinese economic policy plus some interesting statistics about poverty in China.

China plans 9 billion-yuan aid for the impoverished

"China announced... an aid package totaling 9 billion yuan (1.32 billion U.S. dollars) for the country's needy people...

"About 74 million Chinese receiving the minimum living allowances or the "five guarantees" (namely food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses provided by local governments to those without relatives or employment), would receive a one-off payment of 100 yuan if they live in the countryside and 150 yuan if they live in the cities...

"'The Chinese government attaches great concern to the livelihood of the disadvantaged population, especially in times of a global financial crisis,' Jiang Li, Vice Minister of the Civil Affairs said.

"Local authorities must make sure all needy citizens qualifying for the aid package receive the payment in time, 'so that they could enjoy a happy Lunar New Year,' he said.

"The average annual net income for rural workers in China is 4,140 yuan in 2007, against 24,932 yuan in cities.

"At present, about 62 million Chinese receive monthly minimum living allowances from the local governments, while 5.3 million people receive the "five guarantees."

"The average monthly allowance in 2007 was 182.4 yuan in urban districts per person and 70 yuan in rural areas. China had increased the monthly minimum living allowance by 15 yuan in urban districts per person and by 10 yuan for rural residents at the beginning of 2008."

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