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Monday, January 12, 2009

Niger Delta backgrounder

If you're looking for a brief description of the conflict in the Niger Delta, the BBC has published a good article by Sue Lloyd Robers. There is also a 1-minute video attached to this article.

Fighting for Nigeria's oil wealth

"The Niger Delta, a region the size of England, is littered with violence and gas flares - the offshoot of oil extraction - whose roar and heat you can feel for hundreds of metres around...

"People here blame the fallout from the oil industry for their ruined environment, ill health and unemployment...

"With unemployment at 90%, many people of the Delta are tempted to join the criminal gangs who terrorise the area, kidnapping foreign oil workers and launching raids on oil platforms...

"For the time being, guns on both sides will continue to exchange fire on the creeks of the Delta and the communities who live at the heart of the oil-producing areas will continue to wonder whatever good the oil wealth has ever done for them."

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At 8:40 PM, Blogger PHSpanther said...

This video is a must see for your students.


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