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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let the campaign begin

Iran's Revolutionary Guard is a military force separate from the rest of Iran's military. Its purpose is to protect Iran's revolution. The actions of the Revolutionary Guard are closely coordinated with the goals of the supreme leader. President Ahmadinejad served in the guard's militia, the Basij, during the war with Iraq.

The theme promoted by the Guards' press release -- threats from abroad -- is likely to be a theme that is repeated during the upcoming presidential election.

Iran's Guards unveil Dutch plot to oust govt

"Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said Saturday they unveiled a Dutch plot aimed at overthrowing the Iranian government by supporting the opposition through the media and the Internet...

"[The press release] said the parliament in the Netherlands had in 2005 adopted a 15 million euro ($19 million) budge... which was used to fund Persian Internet sites hostile to the Islamic regime and to help rights groups.

"'The Dutch project aimed to encourage sexual and moral deviation in society,' the Revolutionary Guards center said, and to support the idea that the 'threats (against Iran) are increasing (and) . . . the idea that the current Iranian government is incapacitated.'...

"The Guards revealed it dismantled several networks last month accused of setting up anti-Islamic, counter-revolutionary and 'obscene' websites, and arrested a number of suspects including people residing abroad..."

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