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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Distant early warning

Back when I was in high school and undergoing training to be an "Air Raid Warden" (little did we realize back then what that meant in the age of nuclear weapons; we still had images of wardens in London during WWII), there was a big deal about the DEW Line. The DEW Line was a string of radar stations across the northern part of Canada that would be our "distant early warning" if the Soviets launched their bombers toward the American heartland. I guess we had a lot of faith in our Nike missiles and a lot of naiveté.

Well, here's a not-so-distant early warning about a study aid for students who are preparing for the Advanced Placement exam in Comparative Politics and Government.


A new practice season of FRQs for Comparative Government and Politics.

I'll be posting three new sets of 8 questions (like those on THE exam) on the Studying Comparative blog. One a day until May 5.

You and your students can get a head start by looking at the practice questions from the past three years. (There's an archive on the left margin of the blog page.)

The Fourth Edition of What You Need to Know is available from the publisher (where shipping is always FREE).



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