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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The fallout from legitimate elections

The Constituency for Africa (CFA) was founded in the USA to build organized support for Africa in the United States. CFA is a non-partisan organization and its Board of Directors is made up of prominent people involved in African affairs. One of its press releases was picked up and republished by All Africa. The group suggests some important reasons why transparent, free, and fair elections in Nigeria are important. Thanks to Albert Hannans, President of the Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation for pointing out this message.

'All Eyes Will be on Nigeria's April Elections'
Nigeria will have its legislative, presidential and gubernatorial elections in April 2011.

It will be important for Nigeria to hold credible elections that are not only transparent, but also elections where results that are deemed free and fair are respected by all parties involved in the contests.   Although Nigeria had one general election in the late 1990s that by many accounts was considered credible, it has not had the best track record on transparency or a fraud free process…

Successful elections will help Nigeria grow in line with the optimistic outlook it is currently enjoying on its economic growth as a result of the positive things that the country is doing on the macroeconomic front – setting the stage for future investment in key sectors such as power, housing, agriculture and telecommunications.

A credible election will also help set the stage to fight corruption more and improve development in such social sector issues such as education, potable water and health…

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