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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mexico election update (finally)

Have to wonder whether the outcome was determined by counting votes or political considerations.

See also: In Chicago, this would look like stuffing the ballot boxes

Francisco Vega officially wins Baja California governor's race
Francisco Vega
It’s finally official: Nearly a week after elections for governor in Baja California, the candidate for the conservative party that has ruled the state for a generation was declared the victor.

Francisco Vega of the National Action Party (PAN) narrowly defeated Fernando Castro Trenti of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). The difference was fewer than 25,000 votes, a margin of slightly less than 3%.

The vote count, abruptly halted on election night, July 7, was completed over the weekend, and the PRI recognized its loss.

It had been critical to the PAN to hold on to Baja, where in 1989 it became the first political party ever to defeat the PRI by winning the governorship, a post it has held since…

For the PAN, keeping the top political job in Baja was also seen as important for the party’s continued cooperation with Peña Nieto’s government and its agenda of economic reforms, including a major overhaul of the giant state oil monopoly.

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