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Friday, September 27, 2013

China's "one child" bonanza

It seems that provincial and local governments have been using the so-called "one child" policy as a revenue source as well as a way to limit population growth.

The tiny Christian minority in China has been at the forefront of criticism of the family planning program there, especially the use of abortion.

Chinese Provinces Collected Billions in Family-Planning Fines, Lawyer Says
Nineteen province-level governments in China last year collected a total of $2.7 billion in fines from parents who had violated family-planning laws… a lawyer who had requested the data said Thursday…

“We want to shed light on how the current family planning policy works,” Mr. Wu Youshui, of Zhejiang Province said in a telephone interview. “Many are debating reform of the family planning policy. Learning how it works may help with that debate.”

 Mr. Wu’s findings were first published Thursday by Beijing News. Mr. Wu opposes China’s one-child policy and has written on his microblog that he is a Christian…

The family planning regulations are prone to abuse because local officials are often evaluated by their superiors based on how well they keep down the population of their areas…

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