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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Incredible resource on China

Philip Kantaros who teaches at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, sent me a link to Reuters Connected China site almost three weeks ago. Okay, I've been busy, but not looking at the site until today was nearly inexcusable. I'm sorry. If you're planning on teaching about China, look at this site and see how many things will fit into your teaching plans. It's almost an online textbook.

The more I look at the pieces of this very well done production, the more impressed I am. Don't be as negligent as I was. Look at it today. And begin planning to use it when you teach about China.

Connected China
China 101 is "a primer on China's governance and developmentā€¦" It includes
  • A timeline, 1911- present
  • A great article explaining guanxi and its importance in Chinese politics
  • An interactive map with illuminating information about demographics and economics
  • A wonderful article about the Communist Party and its organization and roles in today's China
There are other sections that include
  • An interactive "Getting Started" section that is nearly an encyclopedia of important people, Party organizations, state organizations, military organizations, Party factions, ideological memes, important details, and videos about top news stories, social organization, institutional organization, and career comparisions (recruitment)
  • Wonderfully dynamic charts of President Xi's networks of power, Party, government and military organization, career paths of important leaders (more recruitment), and a collection of 17 news stories about recent issues

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