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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Profile of Iran on 60 Minutes

Rebecca Small, who teaches in Virginia, pointed out Steve Kroft's 15-minute video profile of Iranian politics that was shown on 60 Minutes last Sunday. I missed it. Kroft was allowed and took the chance to interview people on the streets in both north and south Tehran, something most journalists do not do. (Your students should know why that is significant.) There are several additional videos as well.

Thanks, Rebecca. (And thanks to CBS for putting the video online.)

8 days in Tehran
For the past 35 years the United States and Iran have been locked in a hostile relationship marked by diplomatic isolation, military threats, and deep mutual mistrust. Then last November, something happened. Amid rising tensions in the Middle East, and the possibility of a military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities, the two sides stepped back and signed what amounted to a temporary truceā€¦

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