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Monday, August 18, 2014

How to lose political power

It doesn't seem to matter what country you're in, if you get caught acting in ways that contradict your professed values, you're in big trouble.

Embarrassing video costs Mexican politician Luis Villarreal his job
Yet another embarrassing video in Mexico has cost a major politician his job.

The head of Mexico’s former ruling party… fired Congressman Luis Villarreal from his position as leader of the group’s delegation in the lower House of Deputies…

Villarreal and several other PAN politicians were taped having quite a party in the coastal resort of Puerto Vallarta. There were many drinks and much dancing with, ahem, young-women-not-the-politicians’-wives.

Newspapers identified the women as “sex workers.”

Mexican commentators and others seized on the hypocrisy: The PAN was founded on, and still prides itself for, traditional family values and deep Catholic roots…

Villarreal did not help his case with his defense. Rather than address what was happening at the fiesta, he lashed out at whoever took the “illegal videos” for “political ends.”…

The tape of Villarreal, the PAN legislator, was apparently made in January but for reasons not clear not released until now. Villarreal retains his position as congressman and a member of the party.

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