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Friday, December 05, 2014

Devolution proposal in the UK

UK leaders promised. Scotland did not approve independence. Now come the promised reforms.

Panel Details Plan to Give Scotland More Powers
Scotland was promised sweeping powers over taxation and welfare spending…

The groundbreaking proposals have the backing of major political leaders in both England and Scotland, but a final vote on legislation to enact the changes is not expected until next year…

Under [these] proposals, the Scottish Parliament would have the power to set income tax rates, and some of the revenues from sales taxes raised in Scotland would go toward the Scottish budget. The Scottish government would also be able to control the duties imposed on passengers traveling through Scottish airports.

In addition, Scotland would gain significant control over welfare spending. Scotland generally leans more to the left than England and one of the main goals of many of those who pushed for secession was to be able to spend more liberally on social programs…

Legislation on the recommendations is expected to be drafted early next year and put in place by the government that will be formed after a general election in May…

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