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Friday, January 09, 2015


If you have forgotten about Gapminder or not yet learned of it, now's a great time to poke around in the Gapminder universe. There is great material here for comparative politics students as well as for students of history. The most wonderful thing about Gapminder is its flexibility. Teachers can use it to prepare materials for presentation. Students can use it to test hypotheses or teach each other about a huge variety of ideas.

Gapminder: A Fact-based World View
Refresh Your World
Gapminder: A Fact-based World View
The Health and Wealth of Nation States

There are dozens of statistical indicators that can be used to create comparisons between and among nations over the last 200 years. It's possible to select which countries to compare. (Want to limit the comparisons to the AP6 in Comparative Government and Politics?)
Gapminder World Offline
You can download the Gapminder software and statistics to use offline.

There are more than dozen other useful things to download as well.
Gapminder's Latest Poster
You can download the Gapminder poster for 2013.

 This chart compares Life Expectancy & GDP per capita of 187 countries in the year 2013.
Hans RoslingĀ“s Factpods
Hans Rosling
You can download or subscribe to the Factpods here.

 Factpods are 1 to 7 minute podcasts by Hans Rosling. The most recent of them are about the fight against Ebola since Rosling has been working in Liberia since last September.

Teaching Comparative blog entries are indexed. Use the search box to look for country names or concept labels attached to each entry.

What You Need to Know: Teaching Tools, the original version and v2.0 are available to help curriculum planning.

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