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Friday, March 13, 2015

More details on the rules of coalition politics

There may not be a written constitution in the UK, but the rules for how coalition politics work seem to be laid out in unwritten detail.

Scottish Labour conference: Ed Miliband says vote SNP and risk Tory rule
Labour leader Ed Miliband has told party members in Edinburgh that if the Scottish electorate vote SNP they risk handing power to the Tories.

He said that "every one less Labour MP" made it more likely the Conservatives would be the largest party…

He argued… [that] every vote cast for another party, including the SNP, makes that prospect of a Tory government more likely because every one less Labour MP makes it more likely the Tories will be the largest party…

The debate over coalition deals has arisen because polling suggests neither Labour nor the Conservatives would gain an overall majority.

If that is the case a coalition deal with smaller parties could be possible or a so-called "confidence and supply" arrangement could be agreed whereby the smaller party supports the larger party in key votes…

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