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Monday, April 13, 2015

Labour Party "platform"

In the USA, parties' campaigns are based on platforms — collections of policy positions to which candidates supposedly are dedicated. In the UK, these platforms are called manifestos. Here's the Labour manifesto for the May election. Check the BBC complete report for details.

Election 2015: Labour manifesto at-a-glance
Key message: The theme of Labour's manifesto is that "Britain only succeeds when working families succeed".

The party says every policy pledge in the document is funded and will be paid for without any additional borrowing.

It promises that the first line in Labour's first Budget, if elected, will be that it "cuts the deficit every year".

The sections of the article are:
  • Key policies
  • The economy
  • Health and education
  • Families and communities
  • Democracy
  • Foreign policy

There is also a link to a one-minute excerpt of Ed Miliband's introduction to the manifesto and brief summaries of reactions to the document.

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