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Thursday, March 24, 2016

More on women's roles in Nigeria

How is the rejection of the Nigerian bill different from the rejection, in the USA, of the Equal Rights Amendment?

Most of the opposition to this bill came from northern Senators who are Muslim.

Senate Rejects Bill to Boost Women Status
The Senate… has rejected a bill seeking to empower and boost women status politically and economically, as well as guarantee their equal opportunities with men in diverse human endeavours.

Those who opposed the bill argued that most of its provisions were in conflict with the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria…

The bill, sponsored by the Senate Minority Whip, Biodun Olujimi (PDP, Ekiti South)… which was scheduled to pass second reading, initially received the support of some senators but suddenly suffered a setback and finally died on the floor of the Chamber as the debate progressed…

However, a former Governor of Zamfara State, Ahmed Sani, vehemently kicked against the proposal, saying that most of its provisions contradict the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria…

Emmanuel Bwacha… said that the bill, if allowed to pass into law, would work against morality in the society, as women would take advantage of the provisions to indulge in unhindered freedom that would worsen the rate of moral decadence in the polity.

When the President of the Senate put the bill to voice vote, those who rejected the document overwhelmed those in support and the initiative died.

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