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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First results from Nigeria

It appears that Nigeria has reelected its president.

Nigeria election: Atiku Abubakar rejects Muhammadu Buhari's victory
The runner-up in Nigeria's presidential election has rejected the result as a "throwback to the jackboot era of military dictatorship".

Atiku Abubakar criticised what he called a "sham election".

President Muhammadu Buhari won Saturday's election with a margin of nearly four million votes, according to the country's election commission…

In the 1980s, Mr Buhari, 76, was one of several military rulers in Nigeria and this election marks the 20th anniversary of the return to civilian rule.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Buhari urged his supporters not to "gloat or humiliate" the opposition following his victory.

"No section or group will feel left behind or left out," he promised in the speech…

Turnout was a record low at just 35.6%…

A former soldier, Mr Buhari led a military regime for 20 months in the 1980s and was first elected president in 2015, becoming the first opposition candidate to defeat an incumbent and win the presidency.

His record in office is mixed. Mr Buhari's critics say that the very attributes that won over voters four years ago - his strictness and inflexibility - have emerged as liabilities. They accuse him of autocratic leanings as well as a disastrous tendency towards inaction…

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