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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The model worker program continues

Model workers were an essential part of the Soviet system. They were supposedly everyday people who just did what everyone should do and a lot more. The recognition was to inspire "model" behavior by more people.

Continuing the tradition, model workers were recently honored in Beijing.

Delegates pose for photos after being honored at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, April 27, 2010. A rally honoring Chinese national labor heroes and advanced workers was held in Beijing

China awards national labor heroes
A rally honoring Chinese national labor heroes and advanced workers opened at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Beijing, with attendance of the country's top leaders.

President Hu Jintao attended the rally, along with other Chinese leaders including Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang.

The rally is to honor 2,985 outstanding workers from grass-roots levels and at the forefront of specific industries.

President Hu calls for promotion of "model worker spirit "
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday called for more efforts to promote the "model worker spirit" nationwide to further advance social and economic developmentā€¦

Hu, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, praised the model workers and advanced workers for their "outstanding contributions in pushing forward the country's social and economic advancement."

"They are the outstanding representatives of hundreds of millions of working people in China who have made noticeable efforts to help build a well-off society in an all-round way," Hu said...

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