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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Nigerian union acts

From the world outside of Nigeria it's often difficult to see the actions of Nigeria's unions. That's probably because their concerns are localized and don't get through journalism's filters (even in these days of reduced filtering). This story did make the news and makes Nigerian union activity look strong and aggressive.

Nigerian protesters cut off 5 mln phone lines
More than five million telephone subscribers in Nigeria were cut off when protesters attacked an exchange of India-owned Airtel, one of the west African nation's biggest telecom firms, it said Thursday.

The protesters, members of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the nation's central labour movement, were protesting against the alleged casualisation of workers in Airtel and the dismissal of 3,000 employees, charges denied by the company…

NLC acting secretary general Owei Lakemfa told AFP that the unionists took the action against Airtel "after it sacked 3,000 workers at the end of September, and for refusing to pay some allowances it agreed with the workers."…

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At 7:46 AM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...


Airtel Agrees to Recall 3,000 Workers

"AIRTEL Nigeria Limited has agreed to ensure that over 3,000 call centres workers earlier sacked by its business partners, Spanco channel BPO Limited and Tech Mahindra Nigeria Limited, were recalled before Thursday, October 13, 2011.

"Similarly, organised labour is to call off its industrial action against Airtel Networks Limited and ensure that stability returned to the company..."


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