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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Compliments from the IMF

The International Monetary Fund is most often cited as telling poor countries what they have to do in order to qualify for fiscal help. Nigeria's President Jonathan got compliments instead. I'll be interested in hearing what the IMF head says about Nigeria a few years from now. (In over 40 years of studying Nigeria, I've gone through more "optimistic-pessimistic cycles" than I can count.)

Lagarde praises Nigeria's economic efforts
IMF head Christine Lagarde, who is visiting Africa, has praised Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's efforts to transform his country's economy…

Ms Largarde is visiting Africa for the first time as head of the IMF…

"My mission is to come and listen and appreciate and understand exactly what economy programme will be implemented in Nigeria, and the initiative and leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan," Ms Lagarde said.

"I was extremely impressed with... the energy and pace at which he wants to transform the economy, create jobs and focus on agriculture."

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