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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Private companies, yes, but...

With all the attention paid to the growth of private businesses in China, do not forget that state owned enterprises (SOEs) still make up nearly half of the Chinese economy. One vice premier, an economist, reminded SOEs recently to stay successful.

(The translation is not perfect, but that's often the case with these routine reports on officials' speeches.)

Chinese Vice Premier urges development of SOEs
Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang urged local governments to soundly implement policies introduced by the central government to boost state-owned enterprises (SOEs)…

He said that SOEs has overcome difficulties and achieved steady and rapid growth in 2011, making a good start for economic development of the next five years.

"China's SOEs will be envisaged with arduous conditions to continue economic growth as the global economic situation will be severe and complicated in 2012." Zhang said…

In order to complete the economic tasks in 2012, Zhang reiterated that the SOEs should strengthen strategic plans and awareness of potential dangers, encouraging SOEs to expand both domestic and international cooperation…

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