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Friday, March 02, 2012

Maybe they should call them internships

In the face of persistently huge numbers of unemployed young people, the coalition government in the UK came up with a scheme to give unemployed people some work experience. Critics claim the program is more beneficial to companies that get the benefits of unpaid workers.

Firms quit government work experience scheme
Another company has left the government's work experience scheme.

Maplin has joined Sainsbury's and Waterstones in withdrawing its support.

It's after critics claimed the scheme could exploit young unemployed people…

The government's new work experience scheme was launched last January to allow people to get experience while keeping their benefits.

Jobseekers are invited to take on unpaid placements of between two and eight weeks.

Latest figures show that up until the end of November 39,000 people had taken part and half of them were off jobseeker's allowance four weeks later.

But if someone quits after the first week of a placement they could lose some of their benefits.

Campaigners claim big companies are using the scheme to get cheap labour…

With more than a million young people currently out of work, employment minister Chris Grayling says firms trying to help should be encouraged rather than criticized…

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