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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No more Mao

If there was any need for more emphasis on how "socialism with Chinese characteristics" is different from socialism, the powers that be in Beijing have effectively said that Mao Zedong thought belongs on the trash heap of history. The dialectic marches on. (Marx may not be on the trash heap even though Mao is.)

But wait. If the dialectic is still a valid concept, Mao might yet be revived.

China shuts down Maoist website Utopia
Chinese officials have closed a leading neo-Maoist website for a month because it posted sensitive political content, according to its founders…

The move comes amid the country's most serious political crisis in two decades, after the dismissal of Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai, who promoted "red culture" and was championed by the Utopia website. Debates between left and right are heating up ahead of this autumn's transition of power to a new generation of leaders…

Fan Jinggang, the general manager of Utopia, said… "I think it is because of both tighter control of the internet and also the nature of Utopia as a left[wing] platform" …

The site is staunchly opposed to the economic reforms that liberals have pressed in recent months and Fan recently told the Economist that attacks on Bo were the work of "anti-China forces".

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