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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

UK local elections summary

Labour gains many seats in local elections that had the lowest turnout in over a decade. Here is a summary.

 At-a-glance: Elections 2012
Projected vote share:
  • Labour 38%, Conservatives 31%, Lib Dems 16%, others 15%
  • Labour have gained 823 councillors seats, the Conservatives have lost 405 and the Lib Dems 336
  • The Conservatives are nine points down on 2008, Labour are up 16 points and the Lib Dems down eight points

Osborne urges '100% focus' on economy after election defeats
George Osborne has said his party will focus on what matters to the public amid criticism from Conservative MPs in the wake of local election defeats…
Many Conservative MPs want ministers to use the occasion to assert more traditional Conservative priorities on issues such as welfare, crime and tax and either delay or abandon proposals to legalise gay marriage and reform the House of Lords, seen predominately as Liberal Democrat ideas…

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