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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CB Teacher Community for Comparative

Now that second semester is underway or about to begin, many more people will be teaching comparative classes.

I was just looking at the Teacher Community for Comparative Government and Politics maintained by the College Board and its AP program.

Andrew Conneen is the moderator and has done a good job getting the online community set up.

Remembering how valuable the communication links on the old "list serve" were, I want to point out that's one of the things the "community" is replacing. There have been only a couple messages since November. That's expected, but now is the time to use the service to ask questions and offer your experiences to other teachers. You can subscribe to the discussion board.

In addition, libraries of resources and curricula are being built. I've begun to transfer resource descriptions and links from the "Sharing Comparative" group, and you can add your own discoveries of valuable web sites, videos, articles, books, and lessons.

Please do.

See you there.

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