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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Preparing for an election

According to this news report, part of the preparation for Iran's upcoming presidential election is to put some journalists in jail.

Iran arrests 11 reformist journalists
Iran has arrested 11 journalists working for media outlets seen close to the country’s marginalized reformists for their alleged cooperation with foreign Persian press, local reports said on Monday.

The arrests come as Iran gears up for its June 14 presidential election, after the result of the previous June 2009 vote triggered protests in Tehran and other cities, sparking a bloody crackdown by the regime on demonstrators.

Iran’s Fars news agency reported early Monday that “the journalists close to anti-revolutionary movement” were arrested Sunday night on a “warrant issued by the judiciary.”

In a separate report the Mehr news agency, without giving a source, reported that the journalists were rounded up from their work places on charges of “cooperation with Persian-language anti-revolutionary media.”

Both agencies did not elaborate, but in Iran charges of anti-revolutionary activities usually suggests cooperation with overseas bodies…

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