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Friday, May 03, 2013

Practice FRQs

If you're not involved in the Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics course, you may ignore what follows.

On Monday, I'll begin posting sample Free Response Questions (FRQs) for student practice on the Studying Comparative blog.

Unlike the questions that appear on the AP exam, I have made these questions up all by myself. I don't have a test development committee, evaluation experts, or statisticians to validate the questions' reliability (like the College Board does). I cannot guarantee they are realistic representations of the questions that appear on Advanced Placement exams.

Nonetheless, I think they're good for practice.

If you're a student who would like some feedback, you can post your "free response" as a comment and I'll try to play the role of reader (as I did for a dozen years for the College Board) and compare your response to my rubric.

If you're a teacher, you're welcome to use these questions for review and practice for your students. You can make your own personalized rubric or ask for an outline of mine.

And if you're impatient for Thursday and Friday's "Country Context" questions, you can look back at the questions from previous years by scrolling down the blog (back in time, as it were) and look at them, the responses submitted, and the evaluations I made.

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