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Friday, October 03, 2014

Mob interviews

When U.S. Senate committees interview presidential nominees for important government posts, there are a dozen or more Senators making long statements and sometimes asking questions.

Nominees for the EU Commission have to face the whole European Parliament. It might be great reality TV.

The article includes the names and nationalities of the Commission executive and the 20 commissioner nominees.

New EU commissioners face MEP grilling in Brussels
The nominees for posts in the next European Commission are facing confirmation hearings in the European Parliament - and some tough questioning is expected.

An MEP ready to ask a question
The shake-up of portfolios by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has upset many MEPs, the BBC's Chris Morris reports from Brussels…

Each would-be commissioner faces a public grilling lasting several hours.

Many of the questions will be about technical details of policy, less than three weeks after the nominees found out which job each of them had been given.

The hearings will be televised live on the European Parliament website.

Hungarian nominees, as well as Lord Hill… A former lobbyist, he is likely to come under close scrutiny because of the Conservatives' Euroscepticism and concern about the power of bankers in the City of London…

There is particular concern among Green and Liberal MEPs that the climate action and energy jobs will be merged in one post, in the hands of a Spanish conservative, Miguel Arias Canete…

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