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Monday, September 26, 2016

Labour stays the course

A younger generation taking control from the Blairite Labour leaders

Jeremy Corbyn Is Re-elected as Leader of Britain’s Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn strengthened his grip on Britain’s opposition Labour Party on Saturday, beating back a challenge to his leadership by members of Parliament with increased support from the party’s rank and file…

Mr. Corbyn, a 67-year-old hard-left politician, won 61.8 percent of the more than 500,000 votes cast, up from the 59.5 percent he won a year ago, when his victory shocked and divided the party…

The result tightened Mr. Corbyn’s grip on the party and isolated many of its members of Parliament from a growing membership that is younger and more left-leaning…

The party has almost tripled its membership to more than 500,000, making it the largest political party in Western Europe, Mr. Corbyn said. But opinion polls regularly indicate that if an election were held tomorrow, Labour under Mr. Corbyn would suffer a historic defeat in the country as a whole.

There are concerns among the rebels in Parliament that Mr. Corbyn and his team will move against them. Electoral districts are to undergo boundary changes as the House of Commons shrinks from 650 members to 600, and Mr. Corbyn’s opponents fear the leadership team will use those changes to replace them with other candidates…

Mr. Corbyn and his allies see Labour as a socialist movement whose purpose is to change society. But most Labour members of Parliament, who regard Mr. Corbyn as a man of the old-fashioned, hard-left fringe, believe the best way to effect change is to win power in elections, which in Britain has meant moving toward the center, not farther to the left…

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At 8:39 AM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...

Jeremy Corbyn expected to lose majority support of Labour NEC

Jeremy Corbyn is set to lose his majority on Labour’s national executive committee after a fierce debate at the party conference in Liverpool...

The new power balance on the NEC will be make it less likely the leadership will be able to institute sweeping party reforms, including rumoured moves to permit open selections after boundary changes. MPs fear that could lead to Momentum-backed candidates standing against sitting MPs in a battle for the new constituencies.


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