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Friday, January 13, 2017

Politics of name calling in Iran

The New York Times analysis sees the death of Rafsanjani as a defeat for the hopes of moderates. The Al Arabiya analysis describes Rafsanjani as a stalwart conservative. Either way, his death seems to have started name calling and maneuvering for the next election. But the "Big Game" referred to in this article might be the selection of a new Supreme Leader as well as a new president.

‘Corruption’ in Iran ignites war of words between Rowhani, Larijani
A war of words, unlike any since the spread of the Iranian revolution in 1979, has erupted between Iranian President Hassan Rowhani and judiciary chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani in which each one accused the other of "corruption"…

Rowhani announced through his Twitter account his willingness to reveal the presidency accounts, calling Larijani, who is close to Supreme Leader Khamenei to show details of all accounts of the judiciary.

Rowhani wrote… on his Twitter account that “his government is ready to reveal all income and expense accounts, provided that the judicial authority does the same thing.”

This statement comes in response to Larijani’s accusation two days ago, where he accused the president of receiving financial support in the last election campaign in 2013 from Zanjani Babak, whohas been accused of stealing money up to billions of dollars.

Iranian media are split between supporters and opponents around the flaming war of words between the two, which was highlighted in local newspaper Shahrvand in which it described what is happening in the country as "the beginning of the Big Game."

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