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Friday, August 11, 2017

Tiptoe through the minefields

President Rouhani of Iran seems to be trying to please at least two masters: reformers and hardliners in the clergy and military.

Iran's Rouhani appoints female vice-presidents after criticism
Iran President Hassan Rouhani has appointed three women as vice-presidents and one as a civil rights assistant following criticism of his all-male cabinet.

Iran's 12 vice-presidents run organisations linked to the presidency…

Masumeh Ebtekar has been named vice-president for family and women's affairs, Laya Joneydi is vice-president for legal affairs and Shahindokht Mowlaverdi is the president's assistant for civil rights…

Reformists believe the lack of diversity in the new cabinet is a sign that Mr Rouhani is bowing to pressure from Iran's religious establishment…

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