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Monday, March 19, 2018

New No. 2

Xi gets another term and his buddy gets the #2 spot. (Sound like guanxi to me.)

China anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan named Xi Jinping's deputy
China's parliament [NPC] has endorsed Xi Jinping for a second term and appointed Wang Qishan as his vice-president…
Wang Qishan

He is a longstanding ally of President Xi and his elevation is being seen as a further consolidation of the Chinese leader's power.

The recent abolition of term limits for the Chinese presidency extends to the vice-presidency, giving the position greater significance than before…

Mr Wang, 69, has held a number of prominent positions since starting work for the Chinese Communist Party in the 1980s as a policy researcher.

He became mayor of Beijing… in 2003, and was executive chair of the city's Olympic committee…

In 2007, he joined China's Politburo and in 2009 became then-president Hu Jintao's chief negotiator in trade talks with the US.

However, Mr Wang is best known for his most recent post - leading China's anti-corruption investigation…

Mr Wang, reportedly a friend of Mr Xi's from their youth, led the charge - becoming a feared enforcer for the Xi administration…

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