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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poll results from Nigeria

This Day (Lagos) co-sponsored a poll that predicts victory for incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan. The poll shows that people have faith in the electoral system and that policy differences between candidates don't matter as much as perceptions of the candidates themselves.

Another Survey Predicts Victory for Jonathan
TNS-RMS, the biggest research company in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, Monday released the results of its opinion poll ahead of the general election which predicted victory for President Goodluck Jonathan.

[T]he poll recently conducted for THISDAY by Ipsos, world's leading polling firm… gave Jonathan 60.3 per cent, Buhari 22.4 per cent, Shekarau 5.9 per cent and Ribadu 4.7 per cent.

[Mr. Adeola] Tejumola [CEO-West, East and Central Africa of RNS-RMS] said 15,124 respondents aged 18 years and above were interviewed nationally across all the states of the federation through a face-to-face quantitative approach…

"Nigerians claimed that the personality of the candidate is more important to them (85 per cent) than the political party (15 per cent) candidates belong to," he said…

On the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)… the opinion poll showed that 77 per cent of respondents rated INEC high on performance, with 76 per cent saying they have faith in INEC's ability to conduct free and fair elections…

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