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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rule of law without courts

Can a state have rule of law if the courts don't work? How many roadblocks to effective rule of law can you come up with if courts are not functioning?

'Five Million Cases Pending in Nigerian Courts'
Justice Fred Oho of Delta State High Court has revealed that there are over five million cases pending in Nigerian courts due to a 'hugely cumbersome and overburdened legal system'…

He said the cases he was referring to had been argued in the past 20 years and witnessed endless postponements.

"There are currently over five million cases pending in Nigerian courts. Some of these have been appealed and argued for more than 20 years," he said…

He however stated that with stakeholders in the legal community spearheading legal reforms there was hope that speeding trials and delivery of judgments could then be facilitated.

"One of the primary mechanisms through which the Nigerian courts have sought to deal with backlog and delays is through the creation of Multi-Door Court Houses designed to promote rapid conciliation and binding resolutions of disputes," he observed.

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