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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Rule long and prosper

There are many proposed amendments to the Chinese constitution, but outside observers seem to focus on just one: it removes term limits from the current leadership. Is this another sign that President Xi Jinping is aiming to be another Mao?

Proposed constitutional amendment package unveiled
The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee made public its proposal on amendments to China's Constitution…

  • New thought:The CPC Central Committee proposed writing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into the country's fundamental law.
  • United front: The CPC Central Committee proposed including patriots devoted to national rejuvenation as part of the patriotic united front
  • Harmonious relations among all ethnic groups
  • Community with shared future for humanity: The expression that China will "adhere to the peaceful development path and the mutually beneficial strategy of opening-up" should be added to the preamble
  • CPC leadership: This sentence was proposed to be added to the constitution: "The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the defining feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics,"
  • Core socialist values: The proposal read that the State advocates core socialist values, and the civic virtues of love of the motherland, of the people, of labour, of science and of socialism.
  • Oath of allegiance: The CPC Central Committee proposed inclusion of pledging allegiance to the Constitution into the fundamental law
  • Chinese President and Vice-President: The CPC Central Committee proposed revising the clause "The term of office of the President and Vice-President of the People's Republic of China is the same as that of the National People's Congress, and they shall serve no more than two consecutive terms" to "The term of office of the President and Vice-President of the People's Republic of China is the same as that of the National People's Congress."
  • New cabinet function: ecological advancement will be a new function and power of the State Council, or cabinet
  • More cities with legislative power: Chinese cities, with subordinate districts, would be granted the power to make local laws and regulations
  • Supervisory commissions: The CPC Central Committee proposed listing the supervisory commissions as a new type of state organs in the Constitution

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