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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Arresting ex-governors

In Nigeria, the former governors of Ogun and Oyo (states in the Yoruba west, just north of Lagos) and Nasarawa (a middle belt state south and east of Abuja) have been arrested for corruption. Arrests of former governors are not unusual. Trials and convictions are.

Nigeria's EFCC arrests ex-governors for alleged fraud
Nigeria's anti-corruption agency has arrested three former state governors for allegedly embezzling funds amounting to $615m (£400m)…

They are likely to appear in court in the next few days.

Correspondents say the EFCC has made high-profile arrests before but has found it hard to make charges stick…

Under Nigeria's federal system, state governors enjoy huge powers and control budgets bigger than those of some neighbouring African countries…

The BBC's Jonah Fisher in Lagos says the EFCC has arrested high-profile figures before, but has so far been less successful in making the charges stick.

Nigeria's justice system is painfully slow and ill-equipped to deal with complex financial cases, our correspondent says.

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