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Monday, April 16, 2012

A valedictory speech that was also an introduction

As Vladimir Putin gave his last speech to the Duma as premier, he was giving his first speech as the next president.

Russia President-elect Putin calls for political unity
Russia's President-elect Vladimir Putin has urged the country to put political battles behind it and focus on delivering prosperity.

In his last speech to parliament as prime minister Mr Putin also said Russia's population growth was a positive sign…

"We have one Russia, and its modern, advanced development must be the goal that unites all the country's political forces that want to work to build it," Mr Putin said in his televised speech on Wednesday.

He said Russia's population was growing again, after years of decline, and was now above 140 million…

But he voiced concern about the income gap between rich and poor in Russia.

"The gap is not closing, and we need to pay great attention to that."…

He called the global turmoil "far more large-scale and far more dangerous than the 1998 crisis", but said Russians "showed that we are a mature, creative, confident nation with inner vital strength".

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