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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Other-worldly concerns? Not so much.

Iran's political and spiritual ultimate power has concerns other than governing and believing.

This example is a reminder of the power of the bonyads in Iran. See Bonyad. (This Wikipedia article seemed accurate when I reviewed it May 4th.)

What implications does this report have for how Iran is governed?

Does the description “These gentlemen… came to see me and offered to buy out my shares… " make anyone else think of a scene from a Hollywood mob movie?

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei embroiled in BMW dealership row
The head of Nouriyani Enterprise, “which for 80 years was the exclusive trade partner between Iran and Germany’s car making and printing industries,” said he was forced to sign over his share in its nationwide car dealership to a charity run by Khamenei’s office…

Shah Abdulazim shrine in Rey
“These gentlemen from the Shah Abdulazim Religious charity came to see me and offered to buy out my shares and work with my enterprise,” Ali Nouriyani, the managing director of Nouriyani Enterprise told the Fararu news website.

“As I was interested in helping charities I accepted their offer and gradually reduced my level of working with them as they had by then virtually taken over most of the responsibilities…

The report also stated that the Rey Investment Co., a holding company run by Khamenei’s Shah Abdol Azim charity, now claims to be the “sole representative of BMW in Iran.”

Khamenei, like most Iranians, views BMW and Mercedes-Benz automobiles as the ultimate signs of wealth and status…

Meanwhile, Rey Investment Co. also boasts significant stakes in various other businesses, including oil, gas, food, construction, insurance and transport.

As well as targeting private companies… there have been regular claims that Khamenei and his son have amassed a fortune running into billions of dollars.”

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