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Monday, May 06, 2013

Reviewing for an exam

Nearly 20,000 people will take an Advanced Placement examination for Comparative Government and Politics next week. Some of them read this blog. These links are for them.

Russia profile from the BBC

Russian Politics from The Economist

The Executive Branch of The Russian Government

President of Russia

Chinese Politics from The Economist

China Profile from the BBC

Understanding China's Political System (a Congressional Research Service Report and a .pdf document)

The Central People's Government of The People's Republic of China

Nigeria Profile from the BBC

Nigerian Politics from The Economist

Adisa Adeleye's op-ed: Nigeria's Political System and the People

The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Government in Nigeria from The Commonwealth Network

UK Profile from the BBC

British Politics from The Economist

UK Politics

Welcome to Gov.UK

Parliament and Government

Mexico Country Profile from the BBC

Mexican Politics from The Economist

Mexican Politics

Mexican Government Structure

Presidency of Mexico

Iran Profile from the BBC

Iranian Politics from The Economist

Iran Government from Pars Times

The Iran Presidency

The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Parliament of Islamic Republic of Iran

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