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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Breaking news from Nigeria

Death of President Yar'Adua Confirmed After Lengthy Illness and Constitutional Uncertainty

President Umaru Yar'adua died Wednesday night in the Presidential Villa in Abuja. His death was confirmed by presidential spokesman Olusegun Adeniyi, according to the Associated Press.

The death, occurred at 9 pm local time (2000 GMT), according to Adenyini, follows a long illness that was surrounded by secrecy and intrigue.

Goodluck Jonathan, who served as Yar'Adua's vice president and became acting president in January after a court conferred on him the authority to carry out affairs of state, will now be able to claim greater legitimacy in the presidential post.

The next test for Nigeria's democracy will be selection of a vice president, who also could become the ruling party's presidential candidate in the next election, scheduled to take place a year from now. Under an informal arrangement, the presidency has alternated between the country's northern and southern regions. If the arrangement endures, Jonathan as a southerner would serve only the remaing 11 months of Yar'Adua's term...

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